Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the commonly asked questions relating to RLC Residences

Buyers must first choose their desired property then they can settle the reservation fee through any of the following payment channels:

  • IPAY88
  • BDO Online Banking
  • Gcash
  • BDO Over the Counter
  • RLC Portal using debit/credit card
  • Post Dated Checks
  • Remittance/Wire Transfer 

NOTE: All payments shall be paid directly to ROBINSONS LAND CORPORATION. Agents/Brokers are not allowed to receive any payment on behalf of RLC.

Mandatory requirements are as follows:

  • Signed reservation agreement forms
  • Proof of reservation
  • 2 valid government issued ID’s (i.e Passport, driver’s license, PRC ID, UMID, SSS/GSIS Voter’s ID, Philippine National ID)
  • Proof of Billing
  • Proof of TIN
  • If buyer is based abroad, they must provide any proof of residency (residences card, visa, driver’s license)

RLC properties reservation fee is ranging from Php 25,000, Php50,000, or Php100,000 depending on the property.

Yes. Foreigners are allowed to own a condo unit with lifetime/perpetual ownership.

Only The Radiance Manila Bay (South Tower) and Aurora Escalades are allowed for short-term leasing. The rest are for long-term leases only.

There are RLC properties that are pet friendly. Confirm with your property specialist if your desired property is pet friendly or not.

RLC now offers Early Move In term applicable to ready-for-occupancy units wherein buyers may occupy the unit after 3 months or earlier from 5% to 7.5% SPOT Downpayment. Then pay the remaining downpayment in 21 or 36 months while using the unit and the remaining balance thereafter. 


Through EMI Term, you can enjoy living in your unit without having to go to the bank  for financing yet.

YES. RLC has its own in-house residential leasing team that offers after-sales services to unit owners who wish to have their units and parking slots leased out.

YES. It is strongly recommended that referrers become accredited as International Marketing Partners by us. For each successful referral, RLC offers generous commissions that can reach up to 3.8%.

For each successful referral, RLC offers generous commissions that can reach up to 3.8%.

Talk to us and sign up for accreditation provided by our property specialist.